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Would you like to maximize wildlife value in your garden?

This landscape project in Pebble Beach was designed with wildlife viewing in mind. Bobcats, quail, deer and scrub jays are regularly seen in this mixed hardwood forest that abuts the garden- the Sawmill Gulch corridor, as it is known, is a freeway for wildlife. One wouldn't want to leave a small dog unattended in this back yard, as mountain lions have been know to hunt the area. To construct this garden patio we first formed a grid and poured a concrete base for our stone. Next, we removed the wood forms leaving a 1.5" joint that would later be filled with 3/8" California Gold crushed gravel. Along the outer edge of the patio with installed a steel border 1.5" from the stone. The natural stone treads which are 24" x 36" were then mortared down to the poured concrete foundation. Once construction was complete we rake the site clean and amended the planting areas with organic compost. The plantings consisted of Native Yarrows, Sages, Flowering Currant's, Mahonia's and Manzanitas- finished with small bark mulch. The irrigation system was installed with a back flow unit, in-ground pressure regulated valves, time clock, wifi link and wireless rain gage. If you live in Pebble Beach, Carmel, Pacific Grove or Big Sur and would like a garden that creates wildlife value, call us at 831 574-9837 for a free consultation.

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