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Landscape Design Process

The first step of every good landscape or garden design is a client meeting. This important stage allows the clients and our design team to discuss goals, the project vision, feasibility, and budget. At this meeting, potential problem areas of the landscape are put forward, and no ideas are off the table; this is a meeting to get the creative juices flowing!

After the initial meeting and once the client has received and signed their estimate for design work, the technical work begins. Our design team will measure the property, walk-through the space to take photographs, and collaborate with the client on specific plant likes and dislikes, as well as taking into account shade and sun access, wind, and city regulations. Much of our work is done in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel Valley, and Monterey, which all have different project and site requirements to consider.

The next step is to get some ideas down on paper. At Carmel Point Landscapes, our design process is a hybrid of computer-aided and hand-drawn design to ensure that each project is custom and shows the unique character of the individual site. After these design plans are created, we again meet with the clients for a Directional Meeting, where we present our designs so far and get feedback from the clients to ensure the process is headed in the right direction.

At this point we go back to the drawing board to integrate any changes that the clients have given us at the Directional Meeting. We also finalize the design, including irrigation and lighting plans if the client has opted for them. If the client has decided to buy visualization renders, our design team creates these as well, using multiple computer programs to create visually stunning images that show the character and feeling of the proposed garden spaces.

Once all these technical processes are complete, a final landscape design set is compiled and presented to the clients along with an estimate for installing the project. The design process is now complete!

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