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Who we are, what we do, and why you might want to know.

Carmel Point Landscapes is a one stop shop when it comes to landscaping on the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur. In order to handle all projects, in-house, from concept to completion and even after the fact we have comprised a team of seasoned specialist including landscape architects, horticulturalists, master stone masons, finish carpenters, irrigation technicians, electricians, planters, and gardeners. This amazing team of tradesman gives us the ability to streamline our projects creating an enjoyable and seamless experience for our clients.

Most projects we handle start with a landscape design set that one of our landscape architects creates. The landscape design set includes a landscape construction plan, planting plan, irrigation plan, landscape lighting plan and visual renders. We use the landscape plans to obtain permits and to be followed during installation. The permit process can take up to 6 months or more depending on what's involved.

Once we obtain the permits we handle the entire landscape construction in-house. Our finish carpenter builds decks, pergolas, fences, gates, arbors, raised beds, benches and anything involving wood. Our master stone mason can do anything involving stone, Carmel stone, flagstone, travertine, granite, you name it our stone mason who has over 30 years of experience can deliver the finest stone masonry in the area. We build retaining walls, seating walls, fire pits, stone columns, pathways, patios and anything that you can imagine out of stone. Our irrigation technician will install a custom irrigation system to deliver water efficiently to your garden. Once the landscape construction or hardscape is complete our planters will install all of your specimen plants, trees, understory plantings and ground covers. We assure plants are installed at the proper depth and root balls don't have any girdling roots. After planting we finish with our electrician installing the landscape lights. The landscape lights are low voltage, LED used for safety and enjoyment. We put in path lights, spot lights, flood lights, wall lights and more so you can feel safe and enjoy your landscape at night.

Once we have designed, constructed and planted your landscape project we also offer routine detail garden maintenance. This service includes irrigation maintenance, weeding, pruning, composting, mulching, adding color, removing debris and fertilizing. Garden maintenance is scheduled weekly and involves a team of 2-3 experienced gardeners that keep your garden looking good year round. Our passionate team of gardeners have many seasons of plant care under their belts and understand the nuances of every variety growing in your garden. Rest assure we will see to it that your garden is clean, thriving and healthy.

From landscape design to landscape construction and garden maintenance - Carmel Point Landscapes pretty much does it all, we conveniently handle your entire project in-house from start to finish and beyond. Hiring skilled specialists of differing trades and forming a power team allows total control of quality, schedules and unmatched service. This is why clients in Carmel, Pebble Beach and Big Sur continue to pick Carmel Point Landscapes for landscape design, landscape construction and landscape maintenance. At the end of the year we come together as a team and reflect. We had a great last year and we thank all of our clients who have trusted us with their estates. We look forward to many years of cultivating beautiful gardens and long lasting relationships. Buen provecho.

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