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Travertine terrace garden Monterey County

This was one of the most challenging landscape design/build projects we did last year in Monterey County - backyard, no access, on a slope. Every sack of concrete, block and steel had to be hand carried around the side of the house, to the back, and down two flights of stairs. A physically demanding landscaping feat to say the least. Our amazing installation crew was able to execute this landscape construction project with smiles on their faces. We terraced the slope creating multi-tier gardens and built a staircase to access each garden area. The concrete block retaining walls were stuccoed and topped with travertine stone caps. The stair case was formed and poured in place concrete, reinforced with steel and cladded with travertine stone tile. A custom irrigation system was installed to irrigate all new plantings. Before mulching the garden we rolled out and pinned down weed barrier to reduce weed growth and landscape/garden maintenance.

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