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New construction Quail Meadows, Carmel Valley

Here are some photos of a landscape project we installed for Rider construction in Carmel Valley. This was a big job and consisted of over 5000 sqft of paver driveway, pathway and patio. Beyond the pavers we planted a mix of California native plants and drought tolerant companion plants. To protect the plants from grazing deer we installed a 7ft high deer fence with 3 access gates in the front and back. All plants were installed into gopher baskets. We also brought in more than 6" of organic compost that we ripped into the soil with a rototiller before planting. A custom drip irrigation system was installed to accommodate all new trees and shrubs. Planted areas were top dressed with 3-4" small bark mulch. About 52 assorted LED landscape lights were installed lighting garden paths and patios, accenting trees and hanging from the pergola.

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