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Carmel Stone fire pit and patio

In the back yard of this tranquil Carmel garden we designed and installed a custom Carmel stone fire pit and white mountain oak stone patio. Each stone is hand cut and chipped with a hammer and grinder saw before being mortared to concrete block lined with fire brick. For the cap of this Carmel stone fire pit we used white mountain oak to match the patio. Leading to the patio we cut and set a stepping stone path floated on a mud slurry. For the joints of the stepping stones we left 4" of space to plant a soft grout of Thyme. The intent of the Thyme is to bring fragrance into the garden allowing you to awaken the senses every time you pass by. Each joint was lined with 1/4" perforated drip tube and backfilled with organic compost/topsoil mix. Beyond the functionality of the new space we created the stone work itself is a true master piece - a real work of art.

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