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When is the best time to plant a garden? Landscaping in Carmel

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

In central California fall is arguably the best time of the year to plant your garden and here's why-rain! Water is a limited and precious resource and without it plants could not live. Usually by October we can expect rain in Monterey county and soon as you see clouds start accumulating in the sky and rain on the forecast- start planting! If you can time the planting, such that right after you install your plants it starts to pour- you've pretty much nailed it. After your plants go into the ground it is important they receive water that same day to settle the root ball and reduce transplant shock. Also, during the fall when the days get shorter and the temperatures cool down- leaf development slows, transpiration rates slow and plants focus their energy on root development. For these reasons fall is the best time to plant a garden. If you live in Monterey county, Carmel, Big Sur or pebble beach and you need help designing, installing or maintaining your landscape, please let us know.

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