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To edge, or not to edge, that is the question.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Recent landscaping project in Carmel. Edging is used to separate elements in the landscape. Many types of edging materials are available- brick, stone, wood, metal, plastic or even a simple shovel edge. No matter what type of edging you choose the function is still the same- to define and retain a particular area in your garden. At this Carmel home we used a steel edge that came in 16' sections and had a black painted finish. The purpose was to define and separate the bark from the gravel to help keep the parking space clean. First, we prepped the area by raking back the gravel and bark and digging a small trench with our shovels. Next, we had to cut the steel edge using a grinder saw so we could fit the edge between two existing boulders. Last we pounded steel stakes into the ground to secure down the edging and prevent it from moving. If you would like to add some definition in your landscape, or want to separate a gravel bed or lawn area with edging, we can help.

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