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Should I pave my driveway?

If you have an old, cracking, concrete or asphalt driveway - pavers might be a viable option when considering ways to improve your landscapes curb appeal. This project in Pebble Beach we removed and hauled away a tired asphalt driveway and replaced it with Belgard's Victorian- Avalon Slate 3 shape combo paver. For the border we ran a soldiers course using a Holland stone paver by Belgard. The seating wall and columns were constructed with Weston- Victorian wall stone with Marina coping for the cap. There are several reasons to choose pavers for your driveway, walkway or patio. Permeability is probably the best reason to use a paver, in other words, water can drain between the paver joints- percolating into the ground and reducing storm water runoff. Another reason you might consider pavers is repairability. Unlike a concrete driveway that will crack - pavers can simply be removed and replaced if something were to happen. The last reason to choose pavers over a concrete or asphalt driveway is you have many style options to choose from. If you are thinking of incorporating pavers into your landscape and you need a little help- give us a call at 831-574-9837.

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