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Interior plant installation at the Carmel Mission Inn

Beyond landscape design, landscape installation and garden detail - Carmel Point Landscapes is here to help with anything horticulture related - including indoor plants. We source the highest quality plants available on the market. We will deliver and install #1 standard quality or better plant materials to your home or place of business. Need help growing your collection? We are happy to take care of your plants for you. We offer weekly or every other week garden maintenance including indoor plant care. Are you looking to add some plants in your life? We can match you up with the perfect indoor plant. If you live in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Big Sur or Pacific Grove and you need plants we got you covered, house plants, fruit trees, orchids, succulents, medicinal plants, herbs, trees, grasses, hedges, ground covers and anything green under the sun. Horticultural experts at your service. #knowthemgrowthem

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